The Next Big Thing for Bitcoin

Today, anyone can get their hands on a digital currency wallet. Most of them don’t even cost a penny. That said, investing in crypto assets does cost you real money.

But is this a time when you should consider crypto investments more than ever before? Through all its struggles, Bitcoin still manages to maintain a leading position among cryptocurrencies.

Besides its proven stability and useful technology, there’s a lot more coming in the near future that helps consolidate Bitcoin as a worthy investment. Here’s what’s just around the corner that may benefit investors like yourself.

A Current Overview

Bitcoin is on the rise. Although it seems like it’s struggling to hit five digits, the coin is actually doing well. Mostly because of the interest of several large trading platforms. After the halving, transaction fees also went down.

More and more merchants accept Bitcoin payments amidst the global pandemic when businesses shifted more towards the online medium. It’s safe to say that Bitcoin is probably doing better than ever. Even though it’s far from at its all-time high in value.

The Future’s Market

This could be the next big thing in Bitcoin. For a few years now, cryptocurrency futures have become a real thing. The problem was selling the idea to traditional investors that were always wary of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

The involvement of established financial institutions could be a game-changer for crypto investors.

Plenty of investors already spend a certain amount of their capital on crypto. The goal being to diversify their portfolio with this “new” type of asset. Yet the volatility of cryptocurrencies doesn’t make this easy.

As such, various crypto asset management solutions emerge, to help less knowledgeable investors.

Two financial institutions already started trading futures – Cboe and CME. This happened when Bitcoin hit its peak market value in 2018. However, two large platforms were not enough.

The cryptocurrency’s value still plunged hard since then. But there’s an argument for more financial institutions joining the movement. Involvement from more established exchanges could help stabilise the market and make Bitcoin more appealing to traditional investors as well.

All of this could be followed by a more significant increase in the coin’s value as well as fewer price fluctuations.

Crypto Asset Management Solutions

There are a variety of platforms that help streamline asset management for new investors. Blox and Bitwise Asset Management are two companies that offer crypto-specific funds.

Their return rates have been somewhat high, but not as much in the past year. That said, it’s the ease of investing that attracts users. People with minimal trading knowledge appreciate automated tools that handle investments for them.

For example, the Blox platform offers a system that centralises multiple digital currency wallets and manages many portfolios simultaneously. It brings everything under one roof in order to cut down on transaction costs.

More Multi-Currency Wallets

It’s no secret that many online investors try their luck with alt coins, given Bitcoin’s high market value. As time goes on, more and more multi-currency wallets hit the market.

This doesn’t take anything away from Bitcoin in terms of value and the respect garnered over the years. It only serves to open up the market to more users. Some that have lower capital and can’t afford to wait months or years to see a substantial return from Bitcoin investments.

Your digital currency wallet may now offer you investment opportunities in dozens of cryptocurrencies. And, with a wallet that holds more than just the top five crypto coins, shopping for different exchanges also becomes much easier.

At the end of the day, the people that make the most out of their crypto trades are the ones that hunt for the best prices, the lowest fees. And the ones that do so for every trade.

This may seem like a lot of work, but the reality is that cryptocurrencies aren’t just assets. They’re a lifestyle for serious investors and everyday users.

The Future is Bright

Whichever way Bitcoin trading goes in the next few years, it will be interesting to witness. Even more so to be a part of it. As cryptocurrencies become more accepted worldwide, the move towards asset management seems like the natural progression.

Acceptance from established traditional financial institutions may have a hugely positive impact on Bitcoin’s evolution. Some early-stage investors or average crypto users may not see this as beneficial. However, this will only open up the market to wider participation from the online investors of all skill levels.

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