OpenPayd unveils its new crypto banking and payments solution

OpenPayd, an API-led Banking-as-a-Service provider, today unveiled its banking and payments solution for digital currency businesses. The proposition provides cryptocurrency businesses with access to a range of banking and payments networks, at a time when exchanges have been experiencing their highest trading volumes.

From a single API, OpenPayd’s Banking-as-a-Service platform provides crypto businesses with access to:

“Digital currency businesses are seeing exponential growth in demand. The problem is a lack of familiarity and understanding of the sector means crypto businesses are often underserved and lacking access to fundamental banking and payments services. As an established fintech with a nuanced understanding of the market and a strong network of partners across banking, payments, digital currencies, risk and compliance management, OpenPayd is uniquely placed to address and support the evolving needs of the crypto market as it reaches maturity.”
Digby Try, Head of Global Sales at OpenPayd

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