ArcBlock releases login and authentication demo using decentralized identity

Decentralized identity allows users to log in and access websites and services securely while enabling the user to verify what information is being shared and the consent to share...

ArcBlock releases login and authentication demo using decentralized identity

ArcBlock, a blockchain development platform, and decentralized identity solution provider, has announced the launch of part 3 of their I DID IT Campaign; with the release of the next decentralized identity demo experience app and developer blocklet for login and authentication.

The login and authentication demonstration showcases how users can log in to websites and applications, plus authenticate their identity when accessing member services or access paid micro-content that can be enabled with a line of code.


One of the leading use cases for decentralized identity; is delivering a new and secure method of logging in that can replace password-based authentication.

Use-cases for decentralized identity expand well beyond just logging in. Today, decentralized identity is being considered as a replacement to traditional identity and access management systems in the enterprise.  This, in turn, is also creating new e-commerce experiences; reinventing single sign-on methods including OAuth 2 and much more.

“In today’s digital world, it is getting harder and harder to control our digital identities. Between giving it away to service providers in order to benefit from the ease of use; or with the upcoming 5G mobile networks where it is expected that users will see at least 100X more requests for their data without ever knowing it. What’s a user to do? With ArcBlock’s decentralized identity wallet and login capabilities; we are empowering each user to own their identity and easily keep it secure. In doing so, we can give users their identity back and give them complete control over how their identity data is accessed and used.”
– Robert Mao, CEO of ArcBlock

At ArcBlock, decentralized identity is viewed as a way for developers and businesses to build services and applications around their users and deliver richer experiences, create more trust between the user and company, and minimize the friction of the user experience. More importantly, when combined, these same companies and features empower individual users to own and control their data.

Using ArcBlock’s blockchain and decentralized identity tools and solutions:

Anyone can experience identity by visiting ArcBlock’s decentralized identity microsite and each demo includes the live demos and ready-made developer tools.

In addition to Blocklets, developers can use ArcBlock’s identity capabilities that are already available in their blockchain application framework; and can be enabled in a few simple steps with any application or service. Over the next few weeks, ArcBlock will be showcasing additional examples including badging, verifiable claims and certificates, payment and more.

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