Farmobile secures patent to use blockchain in connection with ag data licensing and sales

Farmobile is the among the first to secure a patent to use blockchain in connection with ag data licensing or sales...

Farmobile, Agriculture’s Independent Data Company, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent No. 10,491,608, entitled, “Distributed Transaction-Based Security and Tracking of Agricultural Machine and Agronomic Data.”

Through the benefits of blockchain technology Farmobile ensures that Farmobile’s DataStore transactions can be tracked, immutably recorded and reliably audited.

Among other things, Farmobile’s now patented blockchain technology ensures that only authorized individuals have access to data they have personally purchased, licensed or uploaded through the Farmobile DataStore exchange.

“This is a very big deal and a significant addition to Farmobile’s patent portfolio. It demonstrates our team’s ongoing dedication to innovation, invention and establishing protocols to guide and ensure data provenance, tracking and security for data monetization opportunities between participating farmers and a plethora of buyers who want access to these proprietary data sets. Farmers using the Farmobile Data Store exchange will now have an even more secure and more transparent way of selling their data and managing farm data licenses across multiple buyers.”
– Jason Tatge, Farmobile CEO

Farmobile’s DataStore is the world’s first online marketplace for agricultural data, created to fairly compensate farmers for their digital assets. The exchange facilitates transactions between a data buyer and interested farmer-sellers. Those who choose to participate can sell single-use licensed copies of their certified agronomic and machine data for use by the licensing party only after approving the buyer and all transaction details.

“From the beginning, we recognized the importance of developing and then protecting our technology. As the market visionary in creating a digital marketplace for farmers, we knew that we had to prioritize data tracking and transparency, which is vital to Farmobile’s collect-share-monetize ecosystem. We are proud to have our innovation recognized by the U.S. patent office.”
– Chris Schibi, Farmobile CTO

Under the patent, Farmobile retains exclusive right to use blockchain (distributed ledger technologies) to track electronic agricultural data sets based on associated transactions through the Farmobile DataStore. Credit for the invention includes: Jason Tatge, CEO; Chris Schibi, chief technology officer, and Daniel Mola, chief architect.

“Our mission has always been to do whatever we can to help keep farmers farming and rural America strong,” said Tatge. “I believe the technology we’re building is vital for the future of agriculture and a way to put new dollars back into our rural communities. Science-worthy, machine-readable data can impact many stakeholders in the industry. Companies providing services and products to farmers become better informed and more efficient in their ability to improve a farm’s bottom line. The Farmobile DataStore exchange is just one more tool that can add value for farmers.”

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