Crypto wallet and exchange app Eidoo now offers instant fiat-off ramp for EU users

Matched with Eidoo's fiat on-ramp feature, the app now provides a complete end-to-end fiat gateway experience...

Eidoo, a cryptocurrency wallet platform/exchange app, announced that it has implemented a fiat-off ramp for Europea users. Now, Eidoo users in the EU ​​can easily cash out their crypto whenever they’d like.

The fiat off-ramp is provided through regular wires or an instant SEPA feature. With SEPA, users able to execute up to 2 instant cash-out transactions per day.

At the moment it is possible to exchange DAI, USDT and USDC tokens into euros with no fees. While fiat off-ramp service is available to all users who have passed Tier 2 KYC via EidooID.

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