What is Blockwell?

Blockwell enhances and improves the capabilities of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Blockwell makes it faster, easy and ultimately, at a lower cost. Blockwell onboards business and improve the entire blockchain network.

Who is Blockwell?

Blockwell was founded by professionals who have created emerging technologies for over 20 years. Not only have they done this, but they have done with some of the world’s largest companies. The work from Blockwell has been featured on publications such as Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, MSNBC, Forbes, Entertainment weekly and CNET. Blockwell is also made of team members who have built up emerging technologies for fortune 500 companies and startups. Former client experience includes, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, Disney, GoPro, Paramount, Mattel, Universal, Lucas Arts, Suzuki, Epson, Time Warner Cable, Guitar Center, Beachbody, Marriot, and more.

Why was Blockwell created?

Blockwell is focused on lowering the entry level of blockchain for real worldwide adoption. For the last two years, Blockwell has focused on developing blockchain solutions for cryptocurrency businesses across the globe. Dozens of token contracts have been audited for some of the world’s most popular exchanges. In doing so, Blockwell has prevented, and stopped the attempts of potential hacks, saving individual investors millions of dollars. Blockwell did not stop there. They built successful token-swap tools, analytical tools, and currently have over $70 million dollars of tokens powered by their very own Blockwell technology. During this process, they have been able to identify real-world challenges that handicap business when integrating blockchain into their ecosystem and have optimized solutions to launch new and improved blockchain products and services. As a result, Blockwell continues to deliver on its goal of creating a lower entry-level for blockchain.

Blockwell’s Mission and Goals

Blockwell’s mission is simple. To enable any individual or group to tokenize, monetize, analyze and scale their goals to better their lives, their communities, and beyond. Blockwell believes that every individual that creates value, should be given value. Blackwell’s goal is to allow everyone to easily build and expand blockchain tools, services, and products that everyone can use. This works great for creators as well, as it lets them build upon Blackwell’s exiting toolsets, set their commission structures and earn percentages as they sell and promote their tools worldwide. With using Blockwell, everything is tracked with transparency with blockchain.

Introducing Blockwell Pride

Blockwell PRIDE is a security token. Holding Blockwell PRIDE gets you a share of other tokens Blockwell collects as fees. Holding Blockwell PRIDE tokens has great benefits that you should take advantage of. Holding Blockwell PRIDE gets you a piece of every token created or transacted with Blockwell tools. The longer you hold your Blockwell PRIDE, the more tokens you will naturally collect. As expected, PRIDE tokens are locked for 12 months from date of contribution to comply with Reg S and our Reg S tokens do not allow US holders until Blockwell legal approves on-chain. You can find more information, including the option of purchasing Blockwell PRIDE at https://blockwell.ai.

Blockwell Unique Tools

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