LaunchBadge introduces Kabuto; an API and explorer for Hashgraph developers

Hedera is a public distributed ledger for building and deploying decentralized applications and micro-services. Network services include: cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and file service...

LaunchBadge introduces Kabuto; an API and explorer for Hashgraph developers

LaunchBadge, a development company specializing in building on blockchain and DLT, recently launched Kabuto, a suite of tools for developers to use Hedera.

The first two segments of that suite are the Kabuto API and the Kabuto Explorer.

Kabuto API is powerful and simple. It can be used fr testing and proofs of concept. It provides a full round-trip view of an app’s interactions with Hedera. Important data such as: account balances, transaction details, fees, and failures are available on-demand from The Kabuto Explorer.

Type in a full account ID(0.0.x), the last segment of an account ID, a transaction ID, or a transaction hash and you will get the exact data you are looking for.

“LaunchBadge is a software development company with world-class software engineering talent. We are objectively one of the top Hedera Hashgraph developers. Kabuto is both a tool and a product for LaunchBadge. Both the Kabuto Explorer and the API are currently in beta, and for the time being, they are free. We will endeavor to make as much of Kabuto as free as possible, but we do have electricity bills and payrolls to pay. At some point in the near future, as we refine and validate Kabuto, we plan to add premium features and data scopes. This means that we will always strive to have free tiers of usage that are meaningful for developers. We haven’t finalized what those business components look like yet, but we anticipate that there will be certain levels of storage, notifications, monitoring, API throughput, and other features as part of a freemium model (free-to-premium tiers). In the meantime, enjoy Kabuto! We look forward to your feedback.”
– The LaunhBadge Team

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