Crypto exchange CEX.IO lists NEO and GAS

The NEO blockchain has a dual-token system. The NEO cryptocurrency represents ownership of the NEO blockchain. While GAS tokens are used for running apps, executing contracts, and paying dividends to NEO token holders...

Crypto exchange CEX.IO lists NEO and GAS

Crypto exchange CEX.IO, has integrated its first token listing for 2020, with the addition of NEO and GAS. The exchange has now enabled NEO and GAS deposits and launched NEO/USD and GAS/USD trading.

Later in the month, CEX.IO will add trading for: NEO/EUR and GAS/EUR on Jan 17; NEO/GBP and GAS/GBP on Jan 21. NEO and GAS will also be vailable for instant purchase using Visa and Mastercard.

At the moment of publishing, NEO ranks as the 20th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of over $800 million. NEO is one of the most traded cryptocurrencies. And the GAS token has an approximate $10 million market cap and a daily trade volume of more than $2 million.

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