Off-Blocks launches eSignature platform on the Factom blockchain

Off-Blocks joins a wave of projects launching on the Factom blockchain, with their second layer mobile app for digital signatures...

Off-Blocks launches eSignature platform on the Factom blockchain

Factom Protocol, an enterprise-grade platform for building blockchain solutions, today announced that Off-Blocks, a digital signature provider, has launched its platform on the Factom blockchain.

Using blockchain-based IDs, the Off-Blocks platform can interact with any digital file to expand the concept of a signature beyond documents and forms. Off-Blocks is contributing to the growing utility in blockchain, with the launch of a second layer mobile app for digital signatures.

“The continued rise of the eSignature industry is key to our digital future; it is crucial that the industry taps into the latest innovations and solutions on the market. Through blockchain technology, we can provide a robust and versatile signature solution that is far more cost-effective than existing models.”
– Colin Campbell, CEO of Off-Blocks

In addition to traditional signature workflows, Off-Blocks allows creative professionals, such as musicians and photographers, to digitally sign their audio, image, and video work at the point of creation before publishing to secure their digital rights.

“I’m delighted that we have yet another significant deployment to showcase, continuing the strong arc of growth that has defined the Factom Protocol in 2019. The protocol is excited to work alongside the Off-Blocks team who share our vision to extend the far-reaching potential of blockchain to a range of dynamic use-cases. The Factom Protocol has a rich history of accommodating a range of elite projects, becoming the de-facto blockchain protocol for enterprises and governments alike. We are firmly committed to helping Off-Blocks transform the eSignature and digital rights space through harnessing the power of blockchain technology.”
– Greg Forst, Director of Marketing at Factom Protocol