Blockchain monitoring platform PARSIQ now includes Bitcoin

PARSIQ, a platform is used for blockchain monitoring, intelligence and forensics, has now announced the expansion of its monitoring solution onto the Bitcoin network.

Users of the platform can now analyse the inner-workings and transactions of the world’s largest and most liquid cryptocurrency and its 37 forks. PARSIQ had previously added capabilities to monitor the Ethereum network, allowing analysis of over 200,000 ERC- 20 tokens, as well as ETH itself.

PARSIQ Technology

The blockchain monitoring platform allows users to set up Smart Triggers that react to events on the blockchain in real-time using its blockchain stream manipulation language, ParsiQL.

The monitoring solution addresses the fundamental complexity of analyzing multiple blockchains in real-time, a problem that leads to a lack of visibility of crypto-assets, reduced trust in the technology and increased instances of fraud.

“The crypto revolution was designed to bring greater transparency to financial markets and data-driven systems. While popular blockchains have delivered on that promise, there’s still progress to be made. The size and trading volume of popular cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum makes them difficult to analyse and draw insights from. There’s a clear gap in the market now for specialised tools that enable monitoring and analysis of these networks. However, with our latest platform, we have the ability to scale our monitoring to all 37 Bitcoin forks and the thousands of Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens that have been created. With cross-chain monitoring abilities, we can set up sophisticated triggers for advanced users, such as traders or cryptocurrency exchanges.”
– Andre Kalinowski, co-founder of PARSIQ

An example use-case for PARSIQ is the real-time monitoring of hardware wallets. Keeping an eye on deposits and withdrawals is fundamental to the security of your funds.

Just as you can receive a message from your bank when there is activity on your checking account, PARSIQ is a single solution that keeps an eye on your crypto assets.

PARSIQ provides real-time monitoring of accounts, transactions, and related blockchain state

A public beta is now available for free on both Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.

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