0xcert launches new product for issuance and management of NFTs

Evidenspace is run only with ZXC utility tokens, all operations performed are using ZXC, like GAS on Ethereum...

0xcert launches new product for issuance and management of NFTs

0xcert, a complete set of tools for building secure and scalable DApps, recently announced the launch of Evidenspace – an all in one tool for issuance and management of unique digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), aimed at business and enterprise customers.

Evidenspace is a platform that enables other possible blockchain use cases beyond cryptocurrency. It allows for easy issuance and management of unique digital assets, or NFTs. These can be used for well-known applications like collectibles or in-game assets, but can also act as digital twins for physical unique assets like certificates, credentials, proofs of authenticity, licenses, deeds, intellectual property, supply chains, fashion, art, and many others.

“With Evidenspace, using blockchain technology is becoming as simple as using any other web service. This is a key piece of information, especially if we take into account this year’s Delloite survey, where 53% of senior executives answered that blockchain is one of the top 5 strategic priorities for their company. Both 0xcert and Evidenspace are in line with this trend, working on over 50 pilot projects that will see the light of the world over the course of the next weeks and months.”
– The 0xcert Team

The Evidenspace platform is an end-product that leverages the 0xcert infrastructure. All open-source components are working together, ranging from the xcert assets, enhanced ERC721 tokens, and the whole 0xcert Framework for issuance, management, hashing, and verification.

Launch of Evidenspace is the culmination of hard work done over the course of two years by 0xcert. On the way, the team developed all necessary low-level protocols and open-source tools like the reference implementation of the ERC721 standard and the 0xcert Framework. These tools are widely used by companies and teams to build their own decentralized applications.

 Evidenspace is already being used to build over 50 pilot projects from different fields:

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