IDEX launches prize filled 2.0 demo trading competition

In preparation for its version 2.0 launch, crypto exchange company IDEX has announced a new trading competition.

Anyone can register for free, and participants begin with $100K in testnet funds. The competition allows users to trade top crypto markets, and at the end of the competition, the largest USD denominated portfolio wins.

The competition will take place from December 16, 2019, to December 23, 2019.


Grand Prizes (2): Subject to winner verification, the participant with the largest portfolio and their referrer, subject to verification, will receive a 10,000,000 IDEX node for one (1) full calendar year.

Prize Tiers (49): Subject to verification, forty-nine (49) participants by order of portfolio size will receive a combined 2.850,000 IDEX tokens that are applied to nodes for one (1) full calendar year. Prizes will be distributed as follows:

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