Blockchain privacy protocol Enigma explores new use-cases with Chainlink

Blockchain privacy protocol Enigma and Chainlink explore use-cases

Enigma, a decentralized, open-source protocol that lets anyone perform computations on encrypted data, bringing privacy to smart contracts and public blockchains, has announced expanded collaboration with decentralized oracle network Chainlink, to focus on the integration of their protocols for new use cases in “secret smart contracts.”

In the near term, the two teams will explore how Chainlink’s price oracles can be directly integrated with Enigma’s secure computation protocol to improve usability and end-user experience. One key use identified is facilitating ENG/ETH gas price conversion with Chainlink oracles.

“Secret contracts” on Enigma interoperate with other smart contracts using an Ethereum callback mechanism. When giving a task to Enigma, a user pays for both the secret contract computation and Ethereum callback in Enigma’s ENG token. Since it is the Enigma worker who submits the Ethereum callback transaction on-chain, paid ENG must include the ETH gas cost of the callback to maximize usability. Accordingly, the going rate for ENG/ETH must be available on-chain. By integrating a Chainlink oracle, a median conversion rate can be calculated from multiple data sources, mitigating the risk of price manipulation.

Secret nodes are network participants that run a node in the Enigma network and ensure secret contracts are executed in a privacy-preserving manner. Nodes in the Enigma network can be thought of as performing a function similar to miners in Bitcoin.

In the longer term, more complex integrations can maximize the combined and independent power of Enigma’s secure computation protocol and Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network. One such integration is the use of Chainlink nodes to submit oracle data as tasks to Secret Contracts. Application developers will be able to use APIs available via Chainlink to trigger events in their contracts.

Potential use-cases in the blockchain space the two protocols are looking to address include:

On the enterprise side, Enigma provides an implementation of the Trusted Compute Framework that is compatible with the Ethereum mainnet. This can bridge the needs of enterprises with the benefits of a public, permissionless blockchain. Enigma enables common enterprise use-cases around logistics and tracking, secure data-sharing, access-control, and identity management. A Chainlink oracle integration closes the loop between real-world data feeds, private computation with Enigma, and the public Ethereum blockchain.

“To date, Enigma and Chainlink are already working together as members of larger industry-wide initiatives and alliances. Both projects are contributors to the Trusted Compute Framework (TCF) working group inside the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. In addition, both Enigma and Chainlink are recognized as “best-in-class” protocols within Outlier Ventures’ Convergence Stack, a collection of open-source technologies that promise to revolutionize the way data is used, consumed, and protected. This collaboration will allow us to expand upon these ongoing efforts and create new value for both ecosystems and communities.”
– The Enigma Team

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