DApp monitoring platform Terminal integrates SKALE network

DApp development platform Terminal integrates SKALE network

Terminal, a plug-and-play developer platform for web3 and blockchain applications, has announced full integration with SKALE, a blockchain network that allows developers to deploy dApps onto a decentralized modular cloud composed of elastic sidechains.

Elastic sidechains achieve high throughput by assembling a distinct subset of nodes present in the SKALE network to serve as validators for each sidechain. These nodes participate in an asynchronous process for block creation.

The SKALE protocol features SKALE’s SDK, which provides for streamlined development so that existing Ethereum developers can easily transition their existing workflows onto SKALE’s high throughput blockchain network.

Once a DApp is set up on a SKALE sidechain along with Terminal, developers will be able to see all of the app’s blockchain interactions in one place. Whether looking for a specific transaction, contract deployment or just want to see active users, all of this and more is presented on Terminal in a simple and readable fashion.

SKALE is an Ethereum-compatible network with a leaderless consensus designed to run on an uncapped number of independent nodes, each of which will be providing resources to multiple high performance decentralized elastic blockchains.

With Terminal’s new monitoring platform, developers are provided a mission control panel for their applications. The console provides everything needed to properly manage and monitor infrastructure, application, Web3 integrations, contracts, transactions, users and more.

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