Crypto exchange OceanEX opens USD gateway

OceanEX, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform, announced today that a new USD fiat gateway is now open. Users will be able to deposit USD fiat currency to their OceanEx wallet using bank cards.

Fiat trading on OceanEXis different from other platforms. Instead of using a stablecoin, global users (excluding the forbidden countries and regions) can directly use USD to deposit and withdrawal. Users of the exchange simply must get verified with OceanEX’s AML and KYC processes to begin trading.

OceanEx’s USD-based trading has three advantages:

  1. Users can buy and sell digital assets directly by fiat without the trust risk of a stablecoin.
  2. Support for limitless deposit.
  3. Custodial account service provided by Prime Trust to secure users’ assets.
Prime Trust, a qualified SEC custodian provides custodial services to OcanEX for all bitcoin, ERC-20 tokens and fiat held on the exchange.