Terminal introduces new web3 blockchain application monitoring platform

Terminal introduces new web3 blockchain application monitoring platform

Terminal, a plug-and-play developer platform for web3 and blockchain applications, has released its new decentralized application (DApp) monitoring and management product.

With Terminal’s new monitoring platform, developers are provided a mission control panel for their applications. The console provides everything needed to properly manage and monitor infrastructure, application, Web3 integrations, contracts, transactions, users and more.

The design enables users to track activity specific to their DApp rather than just rely on block explorers and contract data. This helps provide more information and knowledge of exactly what’s going on.

“We address the current challenges with monitoring a DApp by taking a web3 provider-centric monitoring approach rather than an on-chain data and contract-based approach. What this means is we capture data at the application level across all the infrastructure sources, wallet providers, and other web3 integrations your DApp uses. We then aggregate all the data, decode it into a human-readable format, and surface it in a number of different views to give you everything you need to monitor your DApp and view DApp specific activity, transactions, users, logs, etc.”
– The Terminal Team

Terminal DApp Monitoring Platform Features

A few of the main features and benefits included in the initial release of Terminals DApp Monitoring Platform (which is now live) include:

Currently, Terminal features 15+ integrations including Portis Wallet, Pocket Provider, QuickNode, and others. The Terminal team will be continuously seeking out and adding new integration sources (infrastructure providers, wallet providers, networks, scaling solutions, etc.) as time goes on.

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