TomoX testnet ready to go live; create a DEX in minutes

TomoX testnet ready to go live; create a permissionless DEX in minutes - CryptoNinjas

TomoChain, the scalable public blockchain application platform, announced today that its TomoX testnet goes live at 3:00 PM (Singapore time) on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019.

Last year at this time, the TomoChain team unveiled the TomoX whitepaper. TomoX is a secure and efficient relayer-masternode decentralized exchange protocol based on the TomoChain blockchain.

The TomoX protocol allows users to launch a DEX (also called relayer) in just a few minutes without extensive technical knowledge and with minimal development upkeep costs.

As a layer 1 protocol, TomoX is integrated into the core TomoChain blockchain. This will ensure a high-performance experience with fast confirmation times.

All DEXs built on TomoX will share the same decentralized order book. The masternodes will provide infrastructure and computation for order matching and execution.

The TomoX developer environment includes two parts: TomoX SDK and TomoRelayer:


To help users get hands-on trading experience, TomoChain is launching the first DEX, called TomoDEX. Check out or use the TomoDEX DApp on TomoWallet.

In order to register a DEX, an owner must deposit 25,000 TOMO to the TomoRelayer smart contract. To request 25,0001 testnet TOMO, check out the following form from Tomochain.

More information can be found on the Tomochain GitHub.
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