Non-custodial crypto exchange Nash ready to integrate bitcoin (BTC)

Development on Nash exchange is now entering a new operational phase

Nash, the recently launched non-custodial crypto exchange service, announced in their latest report some new upgrades which are expected to be delivered on the platform before the end of the year.

After the anticipated initial development period, the Nash team opened up to the public this past summer. The exchange platform features zero-knowledge funds management (based on ETH and NEO), a fiat gateway, marketplace and high-performance, non-custodial solution for cross-chain trading.

Now, the Nash team is set to launch improved liquidity programs, integrate bitcoin (BTC), and complete other specialized enhancements for users during Q4.

The first 40 days of operations saw 21 backend deployments and 30 frontend deployments. The above screenshot shows the visual developments of the exchange section.

Coming Upgrades to Nash 

Nash recently unveiled its unlimited staking module, which will soon provide a detailed breakdown of dividends. Also, a new funds management page is being implemented to provide more important information in a cleaner layout.‌‌

“Nash is continuing to refine our development and deployment processes in the light of feedback from our retrospectives. We are adopting new tools and procedures to improve our already excellent execution standards. A number of exciting Q3 developments will be concluded in Q4 2019, which will see the first major expansions of our MVP.”
– The Nash Team

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