Consentium crypto wallet partners with blockchain maritime ecosystem BlocBox

Consentium crypto wallet partners with blockchain maritime ecosystem BlocBox

The team of Consentium, a crypto wallet, chat, and community app, announced it has signed an MOU agreement to be the official communications platform for BlocBox, a communications ecosystem built on blockchain technology for the maritime industry.

With the new partnership, 1.6 million seafarers and hundreds of thousands of other maritime stakeholders will have access to communications through the Consentium app.

“The Consentium is a leading crypto wallet in the industry, chat, and community. It aptly fits into BlocBox development of a maritime cryptocurrency and enriches the experience of our stakeholders.”
BlocBox CEO, Kenny Koh

In a report by ChinaPower, 60% of trade passes through Asia and an estimated $3.4 trillion in trade passes through the South China Sea alone. This means stakeholders of the maritime industry largely resides with the Asian region.

This places both BlocBox which is based in Singapore, one of the busiest ports and Consentium with its strong community of members from Asia, in the best location to drive connections within some of the largest markets for maritime trade.

“There is a huge synergy with Consentium and BlocBox. This partnership will bring value to the Consentium ecosystem as well as provide the needed convenience to the key stakeholders in the BlocBox ecosystem.”
– Consentium CCO, Ngeow Jiawen

BlocBox aims to build a maritime ecosystem on blockchain technology which will allow users to access news, content, entertainment and communications as well as facilitate payment transactions in international maritime trade. Transactions within the BlocBox ecosystem will be conducted using a universal maritime currency, the BLX token.
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