Oracle and N2N Services team up for blockchain-secure student credentials

Oracle and N2N Services to offer centralized ledger to protect integrity of transcripts throughout student’s professional growth and development

Higher education institutions have traditionally handled degree certification and credentials validation through time-consuming manual processes that are prone to human error and potential falsification.

To address these issues, and to grant students ownership of their credentials, Oracle has partnered with N2N Services to create EduChain, a personal ledger solution using the Oracle Blockchain Platform.

N2N EduChain will streamline and secure the credential verification process, increase process efficiency, and improve the overall student experience.

“Obtaining credentials is expensive and time-consuming, both for the student and the institution. This solution provides an efficient, fluid and secure way for students to manage and own their credentials. This kind of innovation is instrumental in helping us to evolve our processes and transform our institutions for the next generation of students.”
– Kathleen Reid-Martinez, provost and chief academic officer at Oral Roberts University


The EduChain personal ledger solution is a centralized and holistic ledger of all of a student’s skills and certifications from formal degrees throughout an individual’s professional growth and development and will allow students to share their academic transcript with a prospective employer or another educational institution directly from their smartphone or desktop.

The user-friendly, mobile-ready solution will replace the resource-intensive process of manually requesting transcripts. Universities will be able to reduce costs associated with the manual process of managing verification requests and ensure data accuracy by reducing manual interventions to credential verification.

“Students want to own their credentials and be able to easily provide them to other institutions and potential employers. This is one more way Oracle is helping our customers improve student outcomes, raise the standing of their institutions through research and results, and increase operational efficiency to ensure future sustainability and success.”
– Keith Rajecki, vice president of public sector, education, and research industry solutions at Oracle

The higher education industry has also seen many instances in which credentials are falsified or altered. This new personal value ledger enables institutions to securely validate student records and preserve the integrity and standing of the institution and the credentials it has granted.

“This solution provides a platform to the students to integrate their structured and learning transcripts in a simple, unified platform. These transcripts will be validated on N2N’s Blockchain platform. N2N’s personal value ledger would give institutions that are part of the blockchain network the ability to confirm the authenticity and relevance of those assets.”
– Mr. Kodithala, founder and chief executive officer of N2N Services Inc.

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