Montenegro government to pilot blockchain programs with Perlin

The Government of Montenegro International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), a 45 million-member business network in 130 countries and blockchain development company Perlin, have announced the signing of a tripartite agreement to develop blockchain pilot programs, advancing entrepreneurialism and innovation in the newly independent country with ambitions to join the EU.

The MoU gives Montenegro access to Perlin’s Wavelet blockchain, a scalable and secure public blockchain and the option of experimenting with enterprise tools already developed. The agreement also outlines Montenegro’s collaboration with Perlin to provide resources such as market and operational data, research lab facilities and feedback to support ongoing R&D and product development.

Utilizing Blockchain

 “Perlin is incredibly excited to be working directly with the Government of Montenegro, known for its entrepreneurial drive and thirst for innovation. Together we will help Montenegro digitalize across its trade, industry and public office sectors to help their communities continue to grow, flourish and thrive. We hope Montenegro is just the first of Perlin’s direct government partnerships in Europe”
Dorjee Sun, CEO of Perlin

Perlin will be exploring how Montenegro can utilize blockchain enterprise solutions developed with the ICC, such as the ICC TradeFlow (for the digitalization of international trade), Clarify (for value chain traceability and sustainability tracking), and potentially even a proposed ICC Trade Coin or stablecoin governed in collaboration with Perlin.

 “Innovation is key to Montenegro’s continued economic growth, which is why we’ve partnered with the International Chamber of Commerce and Perlin. Using their technology, we will collaborate to meaningfully improve the everyday lives of our citizens and advance our country’s standing on the international stage. Our Ministry will provide all the support we can to help advance research, develop and distribute Perlin’s pioneering blockchain technology throughout Montenegro and our trade partners in the EU and surrounding regions.”
Sanja Damjanovic, Minister of Science for Montenegro