BloqCloud and ETC Labs delivering Ethereum infrastructure to developers

The ETC Labs mission is to advance the development, utilization and adoption of the Ethereum Classic community, core technology, and ecosystem.

Bloq, a blockchain technology company, today announced an agreement with San Francisco-based incubator ETC Labs to deliver blockchain infrastructure services for the Ethereum Classic and Ethereum networks via its recently launched BloqCloud platform.

Under the terms of the agreement, Bloq will develop Ethereum Classic and Ethereum capabilities for BloqCloud’s Connect service. BloqCloud Connect provides everything developers need to build their applications quickly and power modern wallets, such as MetaMask. These features include a single API for querying/broadcasting transactions on multiple blockchain networks; reliable, scalable infrastructure, indexed blockchain data, and real-time event monitoring.

ETC Labs will provide these services free of charge to end-user developers for at least two years, with enterprise service level agreements available for a fee. Bloq’s work with ETC Labs means that Ethereum Classic and Ethereum will join Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as supported networks on the BloqCloud Connect service. ETC Labs and Bloq anticipate launching this service in Q1-2020.

“The partnership with Bloq is an expression of our commitment to driving innovation and contributing to the overall growth of the Ethereum Classic and Ethereum communities. Technology is always changing and fast-moving. That is why we are jumping in to ensure developers in the Ethereum Classic and Ethereum communities have the infrastructure they need to deliver.”
– ETC Labs CEO Terry Culver


Bloq built the BloqCloud platform for organizations and teams of any size that want to:

● build cross-blockchain applications;

● start developing immediately and accelerate time-to-deployment;

● lower the cost-of-operations;

● focus on value-added development (rather than infrastructure concerns); and

● confidently scale to heavy transaction volumes as their businesses and projects grow, both over the long term and through short-term traffic spikes (e.g., a token sale).

In addition to the Connect service, the BloqCloud platform also delivers blockchain nodes-on-demand for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic via BloqCloud Nodes. Upcoming BloqCloud services will include access to serverless computing resources (BloqCloud Compute) and distributed storage across blockchain protocols (BloqCloud Storage). All services deliver high availability and scale at low incremental cost, delivering significant value to large enterprises, startups, teams, and developers.

“Today we’re proud to announce that we are working with ETC Labs to provide blockchain infrastructure services to the Ethereum Classic and Ethereum communities via BloqCloud. I’m equally proud to say that this comes just a month-and-a-half after we launched the BloqCloud platform. … By working with ETC Labs to extend the capabilities of the BloqCloud Connect service to include Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, we are opening up a very passionate and driven community to the possibility of multi-chain development — one API, multiple chains.”
– Bloq co-founder and CEO Jeff Garzik