Bodhi decentralized prediction market adds new odds & rewards features

Bodhi is a free, open-source decentralized application (DApp) and client-side interface

Bodhi, a decentralized prediction market platform from Naka Chain, has announced two new features which are now available, Bodhi Odds and Bodhi Rewards. Since the launch of Bodhi Prediction Market 2.0, community members and users have recommended implementing the new features, which are meant to make the market as user-friendly as possible.

Bodhi Odds

When predicting in Bodhi Prediction Market 2.0, one issue that was raised frequently was no fixed odds for each event. Thus users were not able to know how much to expect in return for predicting correctly. Now, with Bodhi Odds, event creators will be able to specify the odds in native NBOT token so that there is a guaranteed return if a prediction is correct.

Bodhi Rewards

With Bodhi Rewards, users are able to freely predict the results they believe are going to happen. What is important is that there is no penalty if a prediction is wrong. NBOT tokens bet will be completely returned after the event is finished. Meanwhile, correct predictors will receive rewards. For example, in, there are many Bodhi Rewards events about predicting cryptocurrency prices. 1000 NBOT for each event is provided as a reward.

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