Coco Veda and GoChain to explore use of blockchain for Coconut farmers

GoChain, an enterprise blockchain application platform, today announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Philippines Coconut-based Consumer Products Social Enterprise, Coco Veda.

The intent is to cooperate to explore the use of blockchain for tracking and traceability of Coco Veda’s value chain solution. The two teams will also explore the development of programs to improve the general welfare and livelihoods of marginalized, “unbanked” farmer communities in the Philippines and other coconut producing countries.

“GoChain is focused on using technology to promote the betterment of society and our habitat. There are more than three million coconut farmers in the Philippines and the majority earn less than two dollars per day. It is an honor that Coco Veda chose our protocol and team to partner in the mission of improving the lives of those farmers and their families.”
– Jason Dekker, CEO of GoChain

Additionally, GoChain’s expert team of consultants will work closely with Coco Veda in developing blockchain-based tracking the Sustainability Targets of Coco Veda’s Zero Waste Eco Tourism Holistic Retreat and Integrated Coconut Processing Farm Project. Both of these are critical to supporting “Farm to Business” (F2B) and “Farm to Consumer” (F2C) initiatives.

“Coco Veda is humbled, excited and mindful of the responsibilities that come gift wrapped with this potentially high impact collaboration that can scale to over 50 Coconut Producing Countries. We see this partnership unfolding as a potential game changer to uplift millions of underprivileged and disadvantaged Coconut Farmers and their families, from below poverty level to above 5 USD a day within five to seven years.”
– Team Coco Veda

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