Skipjack Corporation: Pioneering the internet industry with Zetanet

The Internet has been one of the great inventions of the century, allowing people to connect all around the world. Messages that usually takes months before receiving can now be done instantaneously. With this advancement in technology comes the risks, whereas privacy and security have been the number one issues. The Internet slowly transformed into a single entity controlled by a few individuals to exploit and monitor user activities. The Internet was created back in 1967 and is in dire need of an upgrade to support the present and future problems that might arise.

With the emergence of Blockchain technology and its global spotlight in the past few years, Blockchain was able to get mainstream attention with its new way of connecting the world through its decentralized nature. But blockchain technology has a lot of flaws and limitations that are preventing it from advancing and replacing the current Internet. Now, people are looking and waiting for a new internet to emerge. Zetanet plans to answer this call. Zetanet is a new technology based on Jack’s Law that allows you as a user to take control of your data. With its newly developed encryption called Encrypblock. Zetanet promises to give the data control back to you. Zetanet will also be able to support the current internet and blockchain technology. With this, Skipjack Corporation plans to be the pioneer in creating a truly free internet for everyone.

With its high-level security, low latency, and serverless environment, Zetanet innovative solutions will soon shape how people protect their privacy as well as use their data. This will be the cornerstone for the future’s Internet. 

As of now, Skipjack Technology is in the middle of their Initial Coin offering that started last September 1, 2019, and will last until September 1, 2020. The fund raised from this ICO will be used to develop and deploy the prototype of Zetanet in the southeast Asian countries, Indonesia being the first. Skipjack Technology is also in talks with the Indonesian government to be the first country to adapt to this new technology. Zetanet’s first prototype is expected to launch in December 2020.

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