Totle’s decentralized crypto exchange liquidity API launches V2 update

Totle, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange aggregation solution, today announced the launch of Totle V2 for its API. This update delivers a new and improved backend that the development team been working on for months. Some of the key points concerning the upgrades for V2 include:

  • Everything is swap – No more buys/sells. Swaps are simpler and will include one or more trades, consisting of a collection of main and backup orders.
  • Base currencies – Instead of always needing to go through ETH, now Totle has introduced new base currencies, including WETH, DAI, MKR, or any other asset that could potentially improve trade rates.
  • Auto-swapped payments – Enable users to send and receive the token of their preference without them needing to coordinate with the other party. This creates a seamless payment experience.
  • Error reporting – In an effort to improve the developer experience, Totle changed how errors are handled in the primary contract response by generating developer-friendly errors.

Next up, Totle is launching a tool to autonomously handle partial order fills. This will guarantee that orders are not only acquired at the best price, but also acquired with the best combination of orders.

Totle Solution

Totle integrates with and understands all DEX protocols so partners can focus exclusively on their products and not worry about sourcing their decentralized liquidity and competitive prices for their users.

Totle lets users swap ERC20 tokens and make payments while automatically getting the best price from leading DEXs. The platform is integrated with 13 DEXs and supports 130+ ERC20 tokens. Users can trade with Totle on their dApp (Totle Swap, the consumer product launched on V2), API, and also through a network of API partners.