xFutures to begin FTM staking for DAG-based smart contract platform Fantom

Fantom tokens are the first to be offered staking support on xFutures

Fantom Xfutures

xFutures, a new digital asset exchange allowing users to trade tokens and coins that have not yet been released, has announced Fantom as the first project to join its staking program.

The Fantom project (fantom.foundation) consists of a fast, scalable, and secure DAG-based distributed ledger using aBFT principles to achieve consensus, and a new verifiable compiler and register-based virtual machine for smart contract execution.

As part of xFutures $1,000,000 staking program for native XFT token, it is opening up a special staking session to holders of Fantom. The xFutures token (XFT) will be distributed as a utility token via staking with the xFutures exchange.

FTM Program

To get a sense of how much in XFT a user might receive for staking FTM, see the below example:

  1. 5,000 ETH worth is staked in total
  2. Average staker stakes for 2 events
  3. Average staker receives an early bonus of 20%
  4. User stakes 120,000 FTM
  5. User stakes for 3 events
  6. In this case, the user would receive the following depending on the average price of XFT. Currently, xFutures is pricing XFT at $0.001.

XFT Price Reward Value:



xFutures stands for “Exchange the Future” and is a recently launched digital asset exchange allowing customers to trade tokens and coins that have not been released yet.

Many crypto projects have fundraised over the last few years but some of them haven’t distributed the tokens to their investors, thus preventing investors from buying and selling these tokens.

Now on xFutures.io, users can simply signup and deposit BTC or USDT and trade these tokens as IOU or as future distributed tokens. As soon as the projects release their tokens on the mainnet, users will be able to withdraw them from xFutures.

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