ORGANO joins IBM Food Trust bringing blockchain traceability to its products

IBM Food Trust is a modular solution built on blockchain, benefiting all network participants with a safer, smarter and more sustainable food ecosystem.

Ibm Food Trust Organo

ORGANO, a proprietary food and nutrition products company, today announced it has joined IBM Food Trust, a blockchain-enabled global ecosystem for the food industry.

Using the solution, ORGANO is building verifiable trust in every ORGANO product. The announcement of the platform, coined “ORGANO Products Trust” came with an introduction to the first batch of 5 top-selling ORGANO products from multiple product families to be piloted, tested and launched on the Platform.

The Platform is expected to scale by an additional 5 products by the end of the year covering multiple market verticals including beverages, skincare, and dietary supplements.

Blockchain Transparent

Joining IBM Food Trust, ORGANO is implementing a traceability strategy by sharing key information about ORGANO products with interested stakeholders, such as consumers, supply partners, commerce partners, distribution partners all in a highly secured and permissioned way on the blockchain.

By enabling this greater level of transparency, ORGANO can collaborate more efficiently and effectively with its stakeholders across market verticals, ultimately building trust into every ORGANO product and creating new market and commerce opportunities for itself and supply partners within the ORGANO global supply chain.

“Treating trust as a product ingredient and prioritizing trust as highly as any other ingredient of our products creates new opportunities for ORGANO around the world. Unlike other consumable product ingredients, trust does not have an expiry date.  The ORGANO Products Trust platform allows our stakeholders to scan a product to interact with detailed information, including product source, quality assurance, logistics, inspection reports, supplier data, commerce platforms and more.  We are pioneering an entirely new relationship between our supply chain and consumers based on our new Vertical Markets Ecosystem Model.”
– ORGANO Managing Director of Global Strategy, Leonard Chin

A blockchain-based information-sharing platform, Food Trust securely connects supply chain data across the ecosystem with trust and transparency. In addition to providing provenance insights, members of the network are realizing benefits such as optimized supply chain processes, increased freshness, improved food safety, minimized waste and fraud, and more.

Built on Hyperledger Fabric-based open source technology, Food Trust uses a governance model to ensure companies can set rules about who can see the data they upload to the solution and for how long, and that they maintain control of their data even after it has been uploaded to Food Trust.

“Blockchain technology has the potential to transform any industry, especially when we have multi-stakeholder environments, businesses, and organizations such as in supply chain. Working with ORGANO and its ecosystem of stakeholders including supply partners, distribution partners, and others, can help address some of the pain points of the markets ORGANO operates within.”
– Raj Rao, General Manager, IBM Food Trust

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