EU payment app 2gether adds support for Dash (DASH)

DASH will now be available on the 2gether iOS and Android app.

2gether, an EU mobile payment app, today announced the addition of Dash (DASH) to its list of supported cryptocurrencies.

Any 2gether user across the eurozone can now seamlessly integrate the following nine cryptocurrencies into their everyday lives: DASH, QTUM, ETH, BTC, XPR, BCH, EOS, XLM, and LTC.

The payment platform, also features a prepaid Visa card, which enables users to spend crypto as they would euros with the swipe of a card or by withdrawing fiat against their crypto holdings at ATMs.

2gether app users capabilities:

The Dash core team has come up with a number of unique and recently launched features including: instant, low-fee transactions, called InstantSend, and a security feature called ChainLocks which prevents 51% attacks.

“2gether has quickly emerged as a viable alternative financial platform in Europe, especially for cryptocurrencies, which continue to gain traction across the continent. The addition of DAHS to 2gether’s platform helps strengthen the bridge between crypto and fiat-based financial markets, and provides more ways for eurozone citizens to reap the benefits of decentralized payments.”
– Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group