Coinfloor partners with Enumis to offer crypto-friendly current accounts

Today, UK bitcoin exchange Coinfloor announced a partnership with one of the longest established FCA authorized electronic money institutions, Enumis, to offer fiat current accounts.

The new offering is part of Coinfloor’s wider strategy to build a trusted, reliable and secure set of cryptocurrency financial services to bridge the fiat and crypto worlds.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Obi Nwosu, Founder & CEO of Coinfloor” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“Crypto-focused businesses are growing at a steady pace, but until now, no reliable banking facilities have existed to help them manage fiat and crypto finance operations in an effective manner. Our partnership with Enumis will ensure that this will no longer be an issue. With our joint pedigree and market expertise in the cryptocurrency and financial services spaces, we hope that this offering designed by members of the crypto community for the community will help the community of crypto businesses overcome their financial limitations and drive the crypto economy forward.”[/perfectpullquote]

The service is aimed at businesses operating in the crypto space and has been created specifically to meet the demand for a trustworthy domestic fiar current account on the Fast Payments network.


The crypto-friendly current accounts will allow for the deposit and withdrawal of funds via CHAPS, BACS, and UK Faster Payments 24 hours a day. The Coinfloor-Enumis fiat current account will also allow clients to reduce costs with free GBP deposits and withdrawals into and out of their Coinfloor accounts.

Clients may access their account 24 hours a day online and will be able to undertake regular banking functions, such as setting up Direct Debits and Standing Orders. Advanced features, including programmatic API access for account automation, are also available. All current account holders will have access to Prepaid/Debit cards providing a 0.2% rebate on all transactions.