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Crypto exchange Bitpanda adds digital gold and silver assets

Crypto exchange Bitpanda adds digital gold and silver assets

European crypto exchange company Bitpanda, announced today Bitpanda Metals, which allows users to buy real digital gold and silver, physically backed, 100% insured in a Switzerland vault. Users can now safely and instantly swap any amount of gold and silver holdings with any other available digital asset on Bitpanda.

Bitpanda Metals allows users to:

  • Buy real gold and silver in a digitized form to diversify portfolios
  • Invest in physically backed and safely stored gold and silver
  • No fees for gold purchases until June 15th, 2019 (afterward just 0.5% premium) and ultra-low storage fees (0.0125% per week)
  • Duty-free storage (no VAT), 100% insured
  • Swap gold and silver with any other digital asset on Bitpanda
  • Set up savings plans to automatically buy regularly

“At Bitpanda we are firm believers in the innovative power of cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets and blockchain technology. Our mission is to tear down the barriers to personal finance and bring traditional financial products to the 21st century. By bringing gold and silver trading to the digital age we are taking a big step forward. With Bitpanda Metals we are bringing the user experience and convenience of buying digital assets to the world of precious metals. We partnered with precious metals brokers pro aurum and philoro to securely store the physical underlying of the gold and silver tokens offered by Bitpanda. The physically backed, tokenized gold and silver can be traded with the same ease as with other digital assets on the Bitpanda platform.”

The Bitpanda Team

To celebrate the launch of Bitpanda Metals, Bitpanda is charging no premium on buying gold, plus users receive €5 to €200 worth of tokenized gold or silver when they invest at least €25 in gold or silver on the Bitpanda platform.

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