Maritime cybersecurity firm JWC SuperYachts using V-ID’s blockchain validation

JWC SuperYachts, a leading cybersecurity training, risk management, and consultancy provider in the superyacht industry, has announced that graduates of its cybersecurity courses will now be validated by V-ID, a company that specializes in securing digital assets.

V-ID’s validation process involves extracting the fingerprints of files and saving them in the blockchain. If a file is changed with just one byte, pixel, character or anything else, the fingerprint is changed and V-ID will detect it 100%.

In practice, this allows JWC to issue certificates to their students in PDF format. Graduates can freely email their validated certificates to prospective employers. The recipients can be 100% sure that the certificate is authentic, because they can check the file’s integrity with any internet browser in 5 seconds.

This combination of security and ease of use would not be possible without blockchain technology, and is in stark contrast to traditional PDF protection methods, which involve a very cumbersome process with certificates, installation of the right software and, unfortunately, a very easy to circumvent protection layer.

It is a logical step for JWC to embrace the latest security technologies, such as V-ID validation, to reassert their status as a leader in cybersecurity on superyachts.

“We are very proud of this latest development in our accredited cyber awareness training course for Superyacht and merchant crews. As technology evolves onboard vessels so do the threats and cybercriminal tactics too. Using the new system we can now guarantee to Superyacht managers and operators the authenticity of each and every person’s qualification without time delays which costs money, manpower, and resources.”

Jordan Wylie, Founder and Principal Consultant at JWC International Ltd.

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