LGO Markets adds both Paxos Standard and USD Coin

Now open for trading, cryptocurrency exchange LGO Markets has just introduced both Paxos Standard and USD Coin to the LGO exchange platform and integrated them with an existing BTC/USD spot market.

Clients now have the ability to fund BTC/USD trades in USDC and PAX. These coins will be credited on their USD balance 1:1.

Uniting different denominations of USD into a single order book will help grow LGO’s client base and liquidity. Clients who wish to fund their BTC/USD trades using PAX or USDC will be required to go through LGO’s onboarding process and will be able to begin trading on LGO within a matter of days.

Fiat USD, PAX and USDC will be amalgamated into a single order book for Bitcoin trading.

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