Internet privacy device Honeypod to integrate DigiByte coin

Today, Honeypod, a plug and play device that enables data privacy online and DigiByte have announced strategic cooperation to bring internet users around the world more secure, private, and anonymous internet experience.

Honeypod will begin integration of the DigiByte cryptocurrency into the Honeypod infrastructure giving users the ability to be compensated by either HNY or DGB cryptocurrency.

Upon integration, with the simple press of a button, any user will be to choose whether they would like to be compensated with HNY or DGB within the Honeypod platform.

While Honeypod is currently in the early stages of integration of the DGB cryptocurrency, the team is working diligently with an expected launch date of June 2019. As integration and testing progress, all active Honeypod users will be notified of updates.

DigiByte is a public, growing and highly decentralized blockchain. DigiBytes (DGB) are digital assets that cannot be destroyed, counterfeited or hacked, making them ideal for protecting objects of value like currency, information, property or important digital data.

Honeypod provides security, data protection, and anonymity while you are online. Honeypod gives its users a faster, cleaner, safer, more privacy-friendly internet connection while also compensating them while browsing the web through advertisements or by running their own VPN exit-node.

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