Dash actives Deterministic Masternode List and Automatic InstantSend

The team of cryptocurrency Dash announced today that the Deterministic Masternode List and Automatic InstantSend are now active on the network. Dash Core v0.13 introduced Automatic InstantSend, where transactions with four or fewer inputs will default to InstantSend, at no additional charge to users.

The Deterministic Masternode List provides a single source of truth for all transactions requiring validation by masternodes, such as InstantSend transactions. The list is fully derived from on-chain data. This ensures all nodes will come to the same consensus regarding the current state of the valid masternode list.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”The Dash Team” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”These two milestones mark the final steps in the rollout of Dash Core v0.13. We are very proud of the incredible progress the team has made already in 2019, and are wasting no time in delivering on the next big development milestone: Dash Core v0.14 (already on testnet!). It’s an exciting time to be involved with Dash, and we look forward to what the rest of 2019 brings for the network.”[/perfectpullquote]

Automatic Instant Payments – These transactions represent over 90% of transactions on the Dash network, so almost all users will benefit from this free feature. The system will attempt to “lock” any transaction with 4 or fewer inputs by default, plus remove the extra fee that historically was needed for instant transactions.

Deterministic Masternode List – Now, the network uses a single source of truth (the deterministic masternode list) to determine the recipient of the masternode portion of the block reward in a transaction. It does this rather than relying on peer-to-peer messages to work this out. In addition, when quorums of masternodes are used to validate transactions, the quorum is determined by information found on the blockchain itself. This all ensures that nodes come to an agreement on which masternodes get included in a quorum.

DASH Listed on Colombian Crypto Exchange Daexs

In other Dash news, it was announced today a new DASH integration with Daexs, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Colombia. Through the integration, Daexs users will now be able to easily acquire Dash through the Dash-Colombian Peso pairing. As part of the launch, the Daexs team in cooperation with Blockchain Center Colombia will also organize meetups in Bogota and Medellin.

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