Crypto payment company Citowise introduces corporate accounts

Citowise, a crypto payment company, recently announced that after many tests and hard work of its developers, it has completed the first stage of their new crypto payment platform for corporations.

With this solution, corporations can acquire a ready-made crypto-friendly bank-account in 4 jurisdictions: England, Cyprus, Marshall Islands, and Northern Ireland. Citowise plans to expand to more area, but they started with these countries as they cover a significant market share.

The service can be accessed at


When all documents are verified and confirmed, you will receive a notification and documents will be sent to your specified address.

SEPA & SWIFT Wire Payments

Citowise will allow you to save money on local and global transfers by using crypto-friendly bank accounts.

EUR IBAN Account

Users will be able to have their EUR IBAN account under an individual or legal name to receive and send money.