NYNJA crypto app to implement blockchain security from Pukao

NYNJA Group Ltd., a blockchain and mobile technology company, today announced it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with blockchain security firm, Pukao Global of South Korea to develop and exchange technology to jointly respond and cooperate against attacks that could occur on the blockchain.

The two companies also committed to joint strategy, financial, and advertisement cooperation, while operating in a mutual advisory capacity, hosting joint technical conferencing and events, and to jointly develop enhanced security technology for NYNJA’s multi-currency wallet.

Pukao Global has developed security technology to combat blockchain hacking in a preventive manner. The company’s EDR technology deals with real-time threat detection and response to hacking activities and threats on servers, PCs, tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

Pukao’s Flu-Fake technology hides original critical files from hackers and only reveals ‘fake’ files, preventing hackers from adequately distinguishing between real and fake files, thus preventing a successful hack. Meanwhile, real-time threat detection and response, alert alarms for exchanges and user wallets, as well as early-stage detection of backdoors and hacking attacks, prevents successful hack of user wallets. The firm’s multi-cryptocurrency and exchange wallet highlight several of these security technologies.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”NYNJA Co-founder and CEO, JR Guerrieri” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“As NYNJA embarks on our goal of making cryptocurrency and blockchain technology accessible to everyone, it is essential that we work with the best possible security partners to keep our users and their assets safe; PUKAO GLOBAL is working at the cutting edge of what is possible and will ensure that we are able to achieve this goal.”[/perfectpullquote]


NYNJA is a Hong Kong-based company building next-generation messaging technology connecting users to each other and to a vibrant marketplace where everyone can buy and sell digital goods and services with NYN and manage their money in a secure NYNJA Wallet. In addition to smart contracts, proof of reputation and a host of security and privacy features for individuals, businesses, and communities, NYNJA is inviting developers to build applications that will expand the experience for the entire NYNJA community.

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