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New think tank, Institute of Decentralized Economics (IDE) launches

New think tank, Institute of Decentralized Economics (IDE) launches

The Institute of Decentralized Economics, a think tank dedicated to the study and understanding of blockchain-based economic systems and their impact on existing institutions and systems, officially opens its doors today.

Created with the goal of connecting the world’s best thinking on decentralized and autonomous economic systems, as well as bringing new perspectives to the fore and sparking groundbreaking ideas, the IDE is committed to enabling independent and interdisciplinary research by catalyzing new thinking and best practices.

Led by Warren Weber, former Senior Research Officer at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, the IDE’s mission is to help organizations better understand the economics that underlies the blockchain industry.

The Institute, which is supported by founding participant Sweetbridge, a fintech financial system that uses technology to solve problems in commerce and supply chains, will facilitate and disseminate research and engage with stakeholders across academia, blockchain innovators, corporations, and governments around the world.

The activities of the IDE are driven by the Global Challenges set by the IDE Foundation Council. The Global Challenges represent the biggest problem areas faced by crypto-economic systems today; resolving these could bring unprecedented progress and gains to economies.

The first Global Challenge the IDE is tackling is “Rethinking stable coin systems and design” and has already published two papers under this Global Challenge.

As part of the IDE’s mission, it invites those interested to submit study papers on blockchain economic systems and cryptocurrencies. The opportunity to publish study papers is open and available to both academics and crypto practitioners. Papers of all levels of analysis are eligible and encouraged. Send submissions to:

“The IDE presents a tremendous opportunity for academics and practitioners to provide in depth analysis of the design and functioning of decentralized economic systems. The IDE is also a forum for the exchange of ideas among people with different backgrounds and expertise. I view my role to be that of a facilitator and encourage study paper submissions to the IDE, so that the exchange of ideas can begin.”

Warren Weber, Head of Institute of Decentralized Economics

The IDE is bringing a level of maturity, data and understanding that is both vital and necessary in blockchain, particularly as the sector develops. We’ve always been huge proponents of grounding everything we do in real economic theory, so we are excited to support a think tank designed to do just that.”

Scott Nelson, CEO & Chairman of Sweetbridge

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