Republic launches “Radar” to connect crypto projects with top venture capitalists

Republic, a leading crypto and equity investment platform backed by Binance and AngelList, has announced Radar, a new platform giving crypto and blockchain startups visibility from top institutional investors in the space.

This list includes Binance Labs, NEO Global, ZK Capital, Fabric Ventures, Passport Capital, East Chain, and more. On Radar, VCs are able view historical funding information, up to date pitch decks, and current/future funding goals.

With Radar, investors gain visibility to early-stage blockchain projects from around the world. Meanwhile, promising founders and startups who may not have had exposure to investors,  are able to get in front of some of the industry’s highest signal backers.

In addition to Radar, Republic Crypto offers a suite of tools for launching crypto projects with maximum distribution across Airdrops and Regulation CF fundraising.

“Radar is a natural extension of Republic’s unique position in the ecosystem. We see lots of startups and were already introducing them to our vast network of VCs and founders. Instead of making introductions manually, we built a tool using Republic Crypto’s robust deal flow and due diligence pipeline to connect investors and founders in the space.”

Radar co-founder and CEO, Kendrick Nguyen, who served as general counsel at AngelList and founding adviser to CoinList

Access to Radar is currently restricted to investors in Republic. VC partners using Radar include Binance Labs, NEO Global Capital, Passport Capital, East Chain, Zk capital, Fabric Ventures, and others.

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