CipherTrace releases upgraded version of cryptocurrency intel platform

CipherTrace, a cryptocurrency intelligence, and blockchain threat network, announced today CipherTrace Cryptocurrency Intelligence Version 3, which delivers a major upgrade to the platform. It makes new functionality, expanded entity identification, and improved performance available to CipherTrace users immediately. Also, the team now offers a Maltego transform and an expanded API with Ethereum tracing for power users.

Some of the new and expanded capabilities in CipherTrace Cryptocurrency Intelligence Version 3 include:

A demo of CipherTrace Cryptocurrency Intelligence Version 3 is available for those interested.

Future Plans

CipherTrace reported that the coming year will bring increased cryptocurrency tracing capabilities, coverage of more cryptocurrencies, deep intelligence on fiat-to-crypto linkages, regulatory monitoring, and supervision.

Additionally, the firm has expanded its professional services organization. They now provide expertise of Bank Secrecy Act analysts and financial crime analysts to assist in investigations, compliance, and testimonies.

Lastly, CipherTrace will be introducing a Certified CipherTrace Examiner course in response to growing requests to help educate qualified blockchain financial investigators. It will be available this month and led by ACAMS-certified instructors.

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