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Yoti partners with Noku TokenRaise to provide secure identity verification

Yoti partners with Noku TokenRaise to provide secure identity verification

Yoti, a digital identity app, announced a new partnership with blockchain platform Noku TokenRaise to provide secure identity verification for their customers. Noku TokenRaise is a blockchain platform to create tokens for ICOs.

Noku TokenRaise needs to verify the identity of all of their users, including organizations and investors. The partnership streamlines the onboarding process and removes the need for individuals to present paper ID documents. Yoti will help to streamline and simplify part of this process by letting individuals prove their identity in seconds, and share their verified details at the scan of a QR code.

With the Noku TokenRaise ecosystem, individuals have the opportunity to create their own token without any previous blockchain background, regardless of their coding skills. Individuals will now be able to use Yoti’s free digital identity app to share verified details and prove their identity on Noku TokenRaise in a simple, private and secure way.

“To prove their identity to a business, individuals typically have to show paper documents and then wait for their identity to be manually verified. This can be a cumbersome, slow and frustrating process. The free Yoti app lets individuals prove their identity in a fast, simple and secure way. They can share their verified attributes, such as their name and date of birth, at the click of a button or scan of a QR code, removing the hassle of showing paper documents every time they need to prove who they are.”

Thom White, Future Technologies Lead at Yoti

The free Yoti app is available for Apple and Android phones and minutes to set up. Users take a selfie and add an ID document with their smartphone, which is transformed into a digital identity. Yoti uses 256-bit encryption to secure user details and puts individuals in control of their data. With Yoti, the user has to give consent before their details are shared. They also know exactly what details they are sharing and who they are sharing them with.

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“Noku is a community of people that want to exchange value and trust. We want our platform to be safe, easy to use, and be accessible to as many people as possible. This includes having secure identity verification, as this will bring greater trust to Noku; an essential part of our business. For Noku TokenRaise, Yoti delivers speed and scalability, and reduces the high costs of manual verification checks. We’re delighted to be working with them to create a smooth experience when verifying the identity of their customers.”

Roberto Gorini, CEO at Noku TokenRaise

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