Dragonchain and Hurify partner to accelerate IoT and blockchain adoption

Dragonchain, a blockchain technology company with operations in four business segments: enterprise services, entertainment, education, and project incubation/acceleration has announced a new partnership with Hurify Digital Markets to transform decentralized IoT and blockchain development. Hurify’s platform uses smart contracts to support IoT project development and deployment supply chain.

For the partnership, Dragonchain will provide Hurify with the flexibility and security necessary to build and sustain its dynamic global ecosystem. Using Dragonchain Smart Contracts, Hurify can provide a secure, blockchain-enabled global community of IoT developers to connect and collaborate on projects.

“We’re looking forward to working with Hurify on our Dragonchain platform,” said Filip Hantson, Vice President of Business Development at Dragonchain. “Like blockchain, IoT is a young technology that has a massive potential to take the market by storm.”

The launch of the Hurify blockchain platform represents a unique IoT services marketplace, built on Dragonchain. The team believes that the Hurify blockchain-enabled platform will disrupt existing service models currently blocking the real scalability of IoT.

“Dragonchain will enable Hurify to take advanced, multi-level private and public blockchains to the IoT community,” said Mouli Srini, CEO, and President of Hurify Digital Markets. “We now have a versatile solution for a range of IoT operational challenges, such as access control, securing data, and scalability; which Dragonchain overcomes with remarkable ease of use for developers.”

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