Secure browser Tenta and French crypto asset company Coinhouse get funding from Consensys

Tenta, a browser designed for privacy and security, today announced it has raised an undisclosed seed round from Consensys Ventures, the venture capital arm of Consensys. Tenta develops a web browser from the first principles of not collecting and monetizing users’ data, but respecting and protecting it. With the built-in VPN browsing powered by a global network, a secure by default user experience, and full data encryption, Tenta protects users’ data both in transit and at rest.

With this investment, the company plans to accelerate development to all major platforms, expand the VPN network and protocol, and boost marketing efforts.

“We are thrilled to secure our first seed round from Consensys, a company that shares our values in helping to create a more secure internet that protects data instead of exploiting it. Our mission to make private and secure browsing fast and ubiquitous received a huge boost with ConsenSys support to expand to other platforms while continuing to innovate great new privacy features.”

Jesse Adams, Tenta CEO

Three major trends drive Tenta’s growth. First, internet freedom around the world has been in decline for the past eight years; censorship and network interference now are mainstream. Second, cybersecurity is no longer solvable for the average internet user, who crave a simple and trustworthy product to protect them and their families. Finally, constant data collection and surveillance and the resulting massive data breaches reveal that privacy violations have become the norm. In short, digital freedom and expression are in grave peril.

“We help people solve these problems with a next-generation browser that includes all the privacy and security tools you need built-in” shared Jesse Adams. “That includes full data encryption, built-in VPN, DNS over TLS, ad blocker, anti-tracker, HTTPS Everywhere, and more. We also support several blockchain protocols and services, such as decentralized DNS, Metamask, and RightMesh.”

Unlike other browsers, Tenta also decentralizes two critical components for increased security. Those two components are the browsing data and the VPN network that enables truly private browsing. That means your browsing history and password keys are not stored on any centralized servers and you can choose to connect to the built-in browser VPN locations or run your own VPN node instead.


Paris, France based crypto asset investment company Coinhouse also announced a Series A investment round of $2.4 million, which was led by Consensys Ventures. They were joined by XAnge, Digital Currency Group and BTU Protocol Ecosystem Fund, and co-founders of Ledger Eric Larchevèque and Thomas France.

The company believes that their funding round is an important step to build themselves into a leading European platform in the field of cryptoassets with a premium approach. The funds will be used to continue investing in their products while developing operations.

The company started out known as The House of Bitoin but rebranded to Coinhouse in June, 2018. Back in May 2014, the company opened a physical space in Paris coined The House of Bitcoin hoping it would pave the way for Bitcoin’s widespread use.

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