Quid Systems POS integrates UTRUST’s cryptocurrency payment gateway

UTRUST, the provider of payment solutions for crypto-to-cash settlements, today announced a partnership with Quid Systems point of sale product, Quid Smart Vendor POS. In an effort to penetrate the merchant-to-consumer marketplace, the new partnership offers a merchant platform built with trust, flexibility, and ease-of-use while developing solutions to meet the shifting payments space.

Quid POS is recognized for its ability to enable trusted transactions between global merchants and their customers through a proprietary agnostic cash register. The merchant has the ability to display a transaction in up to 3 currencies at once by choosing from over 200 international currencies including bitcoin and altcoins. This function becomes necessary when a sale requires a conversion between currencies.

“One of the advantages of having a knowledgeable partner at the forefront of the future-of-payments is that it provides our Smart Vendors a reliable processor to accept cryptocurrency payments. Together we can continue to build exceptional merchant solutions as new digital payment methods steadily evolve.”

Sheryl Carr, CEO & Co-founder of Quid Systems

“For UTRUST merchants, Quid POS offers something unique in the point of sale space – transparent transactions utilizing a currency conversion cash register with an affinity for cryptocurrency payments. We speak the same language of trust and this partnership expands both our missions to make cryptocurrency payments accepted universally.”

Nuno Correia, CEO of UTRUST

Over 35,000 merchants will be able to use the UTRUST platform in order to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment through this partnership. Extending UTUST’s merchant services offering to include Quid POS provides this user base with an integrated point of sale solution including payment processing, inventory control, sales insights, employee management, customer tracking, and multi-location reporting, for one seamless fundamental platform.

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