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Syscoin deploys enhancements in Blockmarket Desktop 3.2 update

Blockchain Foundry, the developers of the Syscoin Blockmarket Desktop application today announced the latest release for the Blockmarket Suite: Blockmarket Desktop 3.2. Powered by blockchain technology, Blockmarket Desktop is an all-in-one asset creation platform, cryptocurrency wallet and a marketplace platform that allows users to buy or sell anything to anyone, anywhere.

The Blockmarket platform provides powerful, easy-to-use tools that help users to sell products and services or find the items. Users can also create unique SYS3 (similar to ERC20) tokens and assets with many optional functions like interest, atomic, and non-atomic tokens for ICO’s, STO’s, Security tokens, In-Game tokens, Loyalty points, and other use-cases.

Blockmarket Desktop 3.2 Enhancements & Fixes

This version contains improved aesthetics and navigation icons. It also features a more user-friendly interface to Syscoin commands along with updated branding details.

Blockmarket 3.2 provides several technical and aesthetic improvements and fixes to the software. To note, this is NOT A MANDATORY UPGRADE:

  • Fixed: Ran out of a product to sell? Just setting up your store and don’t want to publish yet? Selling on Blockmarket is now simpler. Simply set your offer to a ‘0’ quantity until your stock has replenished
  • Fixed: Finding items has never been easier – Users can now search by GUID (a Syscoin transaction number provided for offers, aliases, and assets)
  • Repinned architecture to new syscoin.js, replace indexer.api plus complete refactor
  • Fix Off-chain data errors when viewing aliases and offers
  • Removed unused functions from main and preferences pages

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