Spend launches bitcoin payment wallet with Visa debit card

Spend announced today its introduction of the payment industry’s newest all-in-one alternative banking wallet application for users of bitcoin, crypto and fiat currencies. Effective immediately, customers in Canada and the U.S. may now sign up for the Spend Wallet and order a Spend Visa Card.

The Spend Wallet is a multi-currency wallet that offers a multitude of services built into the application. Users have the ability to convert all funds available on the wallet to fiat-based currencies at POS with near-instant conversion.

The Spend Authorization Engine (SAE) enables users to convert their funds of choice to the legal tender prior to performing a purchase, which is powered by the Spend Visa Card.

The app also allows users to exchange any supported currency with another, buy/sell virtual currencies with a linked bank account, and securely send funds to over 180 countries, and more.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Bryan Woods, President, Spend” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”20″]”We are absolutely thrilled to be offering this degree of simplicity and flexibility to holders of crypto and other currencies. Unlike wallet apps that require users to undertake multiple transactions to fund a prepaid card before completing a purchase, Spend users simply choose a fund source and tap their Spend Visa Card. All of the hard work happens behind the scenes, giving a seamless user experience.”[/perfectpullquote]