Japanese AI company bitgrit sets sights on reforming access to data

bitgrit, a Japanese company that aims to democratize access to Artificial Intelligence (AI) by fostering an international community of data scientists and creating a token-powered online marketplace for the exchange of AI models has just released its whitepaper.

The document details its plans for reforming the AI industry, and can be viewed on their website.

The data scientist community will provide unprecedented online work opportunities on a global scale. The blockchain-enabled AI marketplace will allow companies to submit problem statements for AI solutions.

Data scientists from the community, in turn, create the necessary algorithms and submit them to the company. Every time an algorithm is used, its smart contract is triggered and its creator is compensated according to the value determined by the market.

AI and data science are currently the domain of large corporations, who have the resources to collect and store vast amounts of data and hire top talent. This is inherently unfair and inefficient—the same work ends up being repeated at each company. bitgrit is changing this reality by developing a platform for collaboration. It believes that all companies should be able to take advantage of AI to solve their problems, while data scientists should have the opportunity to earn an income without needing to work for large corporations.

Access to AI is an important topic as we move to words an AI-powered world. If it is left in the hands of large corporations, AI’s impact will tend towards profit as opposed to making the world a better place. bitgrit is the platform that will even the playing field so that everyone can benefit.