ETC Labs startup Button Wallet releases LightySig for easy DApp development

Button Wallet, a multi-cryptocurrency exchange wallet offering a safe, user-friendly, and convenient option to store money on Telegram, has developed LightySig — the ‘Swiss knife’ or a single library compatible with multiple blockchains as a solution for developers working on blockchain technology and DApp development.

Button Wallet is a startup that is a part of the ETC Labs pilot program and is currently working out of their office in San Francisco. Of note, the pilot program will pave the way for the ETC Labs incubation program scheduled for Q1 of 2019.

Kirill Kuznetcov, Lead Developer at Button Wallet said, “LightySig combines multiple blockchains and allows you to work with them without getting under the hood. All you need is a basic knowledge of the architecture of distributed registries. We think that this tool will make it easier for developers to build multi-blockchain DApps, and will also lower the threshold for developers entering the blockchain space.”

What makes the creation of blockchain services and DApps difficult is the complexity that is involved. Each blockchain infrastructure has unique functionality, data models, and design principles. Therefore, developers working on a DApp supporting multiple blockchains have to study each one in great detail; a task that is time-consuming and arduous making them hesitant to add more blockchains to the DApp.

Introducing LightySig

LightySig is a single library that incorporates the same function for all blockchains. The tool gives developers access to different blockchains, while also ensuring better security and scalability. It also provides developers with a more convenient multi-blockchain development environment.

Button Wallet has already integrated ETC into their library, and believe that it will significantly benefit the ETC developer community. Since all it takes is the addition of the library, developers will be more likely to integrate Ethereum Classic (ETC) into their product.

LightySig also makes it easier to build and transact on the ETC blockchain. It saves developers valuable time and effort since the need to understand the complexities of the underlying blockchain, such as nonce, to, value, from, data, and Gas Price, is not required.

Button Wallet is a Silicon Valley “Venmo for Crypto” startup, which is a decentralized, non-custodial solution that lives inside popular messaging apps. All private keys are contained in the users’ unique QR codes, encrypted by personal passwords. The team consists of 10 young blockchain enthusiasts and developers, who have won 9 hackathons and recently completed the MIT PlayLab accelerator.

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