ECR.Money: Announcement of 2019 Roadmap, the cryptocurrency and merchant-focused payment processor, is excited to announce the publication of its 2019-2020 roadmap. is a zero-fee frictionless payment processor and decentralized digital currency bringing the benefits of blockchain to consumers and businesses around the world.

With the upcoming release of the new ECR web wallet, the developers behind the cryptocurrency have announced the publication of the platform’s future roadmap. Following the introduction of web wallets this December, ECR will be listing on several cryptocurrency exchanges for purchase this coming January 2019. ECR is currently in talks with several exchanges, interested users can stay tuned for more information regarding listing dates and exchange specifics by visiting

For the first half of 2019, is intending to integrate the platform with tourism operators, car rental services, and online marketplaces. With its global reach, the tourism industry and various subsidiary industries are ripe for disruption as the benefits of near instant, zero-fee transactions contribute to the wider adoption of ECR and blockchain technology the world over.

In tandem with ECR’s growth strategy is the development and slated August 2019 deployment of an ECR quick pay button. The ECR quick pay button will be instrumental in facilitating mass adoption and platform growth through easy integration with online marketplaces. Following the introduction of the quick pay button, ECR will further its market penetration by entering the brick and mortar retail industry. Establishing a presence in the brick and mortar retail market will be intrinsic to ECR’s growth strategy as well as its plans to begin a payment processor pilot program with larger corporations in early 2020.

Following successful strategy implementation and growth, ECR will introduce the addition of the Lightning Network’s second layer scalability protocol to enhance transaction processing efficiency. With the ability to already process 100 transactions per second, ECR is positioning itself to become a market leader in financial technology innovation.

For more information, visit to view the whitepaper, full roadmap, and transaction data. Interested parties can also visit ECR’s Github to view the ECR blockchain source code and a rich history of 14,000+ commits from over 400 contributors.