BlockX Labs releases browser based interface and wallet for Aion Network

BlockX Labs, a blockchain technology company specializing in building dev tools for blockchain ecosystems has announced the release of AIWA, a browser-based crypto wallet designed specifically for AION and other AIP-4 tokens of the Aion blockchain.

AIP-4 tokens are made for dApp’s that are building on the Aion blockchain, providing a common standard to implement fungible tokens while enabling cross-chain functionality for their asset with minimal effort.

Developed in partnership with NodeSmith and the Aion Foundation, AIWA promises to provide users with an easy framework for sending and receiving Aion Network assets.

Build Specifications

According to information released by the Aion Foundation, AIWA’s UI comprises an easily understandable user dashboard where they can select active wallets, view outgoing transactions and access real-time data insights concerning their holdings and tokens.

To send AION or another AIP-4 token, users select the desired wallet to become active, put in a destination wallet address and hit ‘send’. To receive a payment, users can press ‘Receive’ to display their current wallet address, and then either copy the address or scan the automatically generated QR code.

Apart from its ease of use, AIWA’s major operational advantage according to its developers is that it enables users to interact with dApps running on the Aion blockchain without needing to run an Aion node. As a result, dApps are able to transact with users without needing access to their private keys or seed words, which effectively empowers users to ‘browse’ through several dApps easily.

This is possible as AIWA stores user account information in a vault which is encrypted using a password of the user’s choice. Unlike a wallet, which corresponds to a private key or a seed phrase, a vault is a single file containing a user’s AIWA-generated seed phrase, as well as any imported seed phrases or private keys. This framework makes it possible for users to easily back up or move all of their accounts using a single vault file.

Currently beta testing, AIWA is available for download on the Google Chrome Store. New build versions of AIWA are also available to developers on GitHub.

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